Thursday, 8 May 2014

Strawberry and banana smoothie

So anyone who's anyone knows that smoothies are the shit at the moment. Women on a health craze love them, meatheads in the gym love them - everyone loves them. Naturally, being the sheep that I am, I had to get involved and was straight down the shops to spend twenty quid on one of these fancy smoothie-to-go machines knowing full well it would just be a fad. How wrong I was.

Smoothies are awesome. They take seconds to make, taste delicious and people are always impressed when you make them one; hence their inclusion here. Perfect for replacing lost energy after a hectic night in the bedroom, or building stamina ready for the next session - smoothies are magical.

This is the start of a series of smoothie posts to help you whip up a delicious and (usually) healthy drink for the lady's breakfast to go, mid-morning snack or just a random 'here you go love' effort for those extra brownie points (again, the brownie recipe is coming, hold your horses!).

We're starting off with your basic, classic strawberry and banana smoothie. Dirt cheap but delicious. 

How it's done

Most most fruit-based smoothies will have two key ingredients - a banana and some form of fruit juice. You can mix and match to your heart's content but I've gone with Pink Lady apple juice (because I'm a posh twat) for this one. Literally all you do is take what's shown in the photo and lob it in the juicer - easy as. Slice up the banana, same with the strawberries (don't leave the green tops on though you bell-end), throw in some low or no fat Greek yoghurt and the juice of your choosing before blitzing the shit out of it.

In case you're wondering what the weird powder stuff is - that is your magic weapon. Superfood powder. Available online or in most health food shops; she will be impressed that you've gone to the effort to find her something so good for her body and you will see the benefits in the gym. Boom!

Check back soon for more smoothie variations and feel free to share your own. P.S. check out the wolf dog in the photos - every man should have one of these. Try walking down the street with her and not get stopped by every woman asking for a stroke...

If you're interested, the machine I use is the Morphy Richards Easy Blend. It's only small so fits perfectly in the kitchen cupboard full of crap in between that popcorn machine and the bread maker. It comes with two beakers with screw on lids - perfect for sticking in the gym bag or in the Mrs' lunch bag with a beautifully written note about how this smoothie shows how much you love her which, if she is able to read between the lines, actually means you're expecting some loving when she gets home for being so thoughtful. 

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